Sunday, October 27, 2013

Favorite Blogs

As a new blogger, I wanted to share the blogs that inspired me to create my own in the first place. These fashion bloggers showed me that making it in the fashion industry doesn't mean you have to live in New York or work for Vogue. Making it in the fashion industry can be possible if you are just creative, determined, and passionate enough. I hope to one day have at least half as successful a blog as these women do.

Gal Meets Glam

This girl's feminine style and ability to mix high and low items effortlessly shows you can never be too overdressed. I love how she mixes trendy items with classic pieces, creating a unique and personal look every time. Her written posts give you a glimpse into her personal/professional life; from spending sundays at the park with her husband to attending NY fashion week, Julia Engel has a life a million girls would dream about.

Late Afternoon

Daily outfit posts, Flower Fridays (she is a florist), Brunch recipe Sundays etc. etc., this blogger knows how to appeal to a wide audience. Her glamorous and urban bohemian style ensures for surprising and unexpected outfits every time. She is the ultimate free spirited modern it-girl.

Gary Pepper

The Gary Pepper blog is full of breathtaking images; they're basically editorial-worthy. Although a fiancee as photographer doesn't hurt, her style and beauty are genuine and covetable. Her posts take us around the world, from the US to Paris to Australia and Italy, always making for an exciting surprise.

What I Bought Today

Anneli Willis from What I Bought Today shares her most recent purchases with the blogging world, be it high-end or low-end items. A health-foodie (something I can relate to), she frequently posts about health food purchases and tips as well. A Norweigan living in London, her urban-European style is simply refreshing, not too fussy, but definitely not boring either. This blogger is one to follow!