Sunday, October 6, 2013

French Nonchalance

I have always been fascinated by the effortlessness of French women. They always look great, but never like they are trying too hard. No-nonsense hair; bare, unpolished nails; striped breton tees; great denim jeans; leather jackets; ballerina flats and oftentimes lipstick to pull it together, the tomboy-meets-independent woman look that French women are known for is an addicting one. This season, it's contagious too. With stores like Madewell centering their whole collection on the genre, and other high-profile designers incorporating details such as quilted chain bags (indicative of CHANEL), blazers, and neutral color palette's, it is suddenly even more cool to look French (as if it never had been).
Images (not my own unless stated): Tumblr, Madewell